What We Know About Animal Crossing For the Wii


Written on 1:28 PM by Chris

Details may be scarce, but we do know that Nintendo is definately working on a sequel to Animal Crossing Wild World for Nintendo Wii. While we have no details and no screenshots, we do know a bit about this game. Here's what we know to be 100% true.

Confirmed -

  • On February 21, 2007, the title was confirmed to be in the works
  • Is in development by Nintendo EAD
  • Will use the WiiConnect24 feature
  • Will be very similar to the DS/Gamecube versions
  • No target date given for its release yet
That's it! It's not much, but it gives us a chance to imagine what could possibly being made by some of the most innovative game developers in Nintendo. With the many features of the Wii, there are too many great ideas that could be implemented into the new game. Here are some of the rumors that are floating around.

Rumors -
  • Could be done by 2008 (according to Matt Casamassina)
  • Could use wifi to send messages to and from the game using computers and cellphones
  • Could use the Weather Channel to change the game's weather according to where you live
So, like I said, everything on this last list is a RUMOR and has not yet confirmed to be true.

That's about it as far as our current knowledge of the game goes. But you can be sure that as time goes on, more details will be released and you can count on the Animal Crossing Observer to bring it all to you!

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