List of all known Bugs and Fish!


Written on 7:30 AM by Ronnie Tucker

Over on, critterannie has posted a list of all known Bugs and Fish, their bell value, and the location they can be caught in. Very handy!



Moving In...


Written on 3:16 PM by Ronnie Tucker

Hi folks, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Ronnie, co-admin (with my good friend Marc) at Nooks Cranny (an Animal Crossing forum), and have been playing Animal Crossing since it's first English incarnation on the Gamecube. Was addicted to the DS version (Wild World) and am still getting to grips with the Wii version.

I'd like to invite you all to sign up at Nooks Cranny, we have over 300 members and, while the chit-chat is a bit slow at the moment, I expect it to pick up as more and more people become addicted to AC having gotten it for Christmas. We were hugely busy when Wild World was first on the DS, and it's been a few years now, but the old faces are slowly starting to return.

My AC friend code is on Nooks Cranny, in the Play Together section of the forum. Feel free to add me to your friends list and leave your friend code in the forum too (in a new post) and let others add you to their friends list too.

What I'll probably do is, like Chris said (below), link the URL to here and use Animal Crossing Observer as a launch point for the NC forum.

Feel free to drop me an email via NC (or here) and come visit!



Written on 9:37 AM by Chris

I've found someone who is willing to take over this blog from me, Ronnie Tucker. He's one of the admins at which is an AC forum that's been about since AC:Wild World. He volunteered to take the job, so I'll be handing the blog over to him now.

So he'll be posting news here from now on, and he'll also be changing the URL to, so keep an eye out for that so that you don't lose the blog. I think that this is a great step for this blog, and it was cool to start it up, and hopefully it'll just grow and grow.

Peace out,
- Chris

The End?


Written on 5:32 PM by Chris

Yeah, now that Animal Crossing is out, I've gotten really lazy. I mean, I have other websites that I run, plus I'm doing a lot of college stuff right now. I just don't feel like updating this website anymore. So I'm calling it quits for Animal Crossing Observer. That's it, I'm not going to be updating anymore.

However, if you would like to become the webmaster of this site, then send me an email to and I might just give you the website. Like Christmas. But only if you can provide me some evidence of your work running a blog. So email me if you want the site.

As for now, good bye!

Nintendo Power City Folk Review


Written on 2:11 PM by Chris

I know, I know, I said I would make a giant post of all the City Folk reviews during this weekend. Well, I got busy, what can I say. With all the college stuff and duties on other websites, I got my hands full. But I have some time off next week, so you should expect the giant review post then. In the meantime, here's a scan of Nintendo Power's City Folk review.

City Folk Wii Fish and Aquatic Life Species Locations and Guide


Written on 2:02 PM by Chris


  • Angelfish: 3,000 Bells (rare)
  • Arapaima: 10,000 Bells (rare)
  • Arowana: 10,000 Bells (rare)
  • Barbel Steed: 200 Bells
  • Bitterling: 900 Bells
  • Black Bass: 300 Bells
  • Bluegill: 120 Bells
  • Carp: 300 Bells
  • Cherry Salmon: 1,000 Bells
  • Crucian Carp: 120 Bells
  • Dace: 200 Bells
  • Dorado: 15,000 Bells (rare)
  • Eel: 2,000 Bells
  • Freshwater Goby: 300 Bells (rare)
  • Goldfish: 1,300 Bells (rare)
  • Guppy: 1,300 Bells (rare)
  • Koi: 2,000 Bells (rare)
  • Loach: 300 Bells
  • Neon Tetra: 500 Bells
  • Pale Chub: 200 Bells
  • Pike: 1,800 Bells
  • Piranha: 2,500 Bells (rare)
  • Popeyed Goldfish: 1,300 Bells (rare)
  • Rainbow Trout: 800 Bells
  • Stringfish: 15,000 Bells (rare)
  • Sweetfish: 900 Bells
  • Yellow Perch: 240 Bells

River and River Mouth

  • King Salmon: 1,800 Bells
  • Salmon: 700 Bells

Holding Pond

  • Crawfish: 250 Bells
  • Frog: 120 Bells
  • Killifish: 300 Bells (rare)


  • Catfish: 800 Bells
  • Gar: 6,000 Bells (rare)
  • Giant Snakehead: 5,500 Bells


  • Char: 3,800 Bells


  • Barred Knifejaw: 5,000 Bells
  • Blue Marlin: 10,000 (rare)
  • Butterflyfish: 1,000 Bells
  • Clownfish: 650 Bells
  • Coelacanth: 15,000 Bells (rare)
  • Dab: 300 Bells
  • Football Fish: 2,500 Bells (rare)
  • Hammerhead Shark: 8,000 Bells (rare)
  • Horse Mackerel: 150 Bells
  • Jellyfish: 100 Bells
  • Lobster: 2,500 Bells
  • Moray Eel: 2,000 Bells
  • Napoleonfish: 10,000 Bells
  • Octopus: 500 Bells
  • Olive Flounder: 800 Bells (rare)
  • Puffer Fish: 240 Bells
  • Ray: 3,000 Bells
  • Red Snapper: 3,000 Bells
  • Sea Bass: 160 Bells
  • Sea Butterfly: 1,000 Bells
  • Sea Horse: 1,100 Bells
  • Sea Sunfish: 4,000 Bells (rare)
  • Shark: 15,000 Bells (rare)
  • Squid: 400 Bells
  • Surgeonfish: 1,000 Bells
  • Tuna: 7,000 Bells (rare)
  • Zebra Turkeyfish: 400 Bells

From here.

Cube vs. DS vs. Wii Comparison Video


Written on 4:40 PM by Chris

Good and Bad of Animal Crossing City Folk


Written on 4:28 PM by Chris

Here's a really cool list of some of the extra stuff that is found in this latest version of Animal Crossing.

Brewster eventually offers up additional storage. Drink his coffee and earn this reward. It sounds like it’s only storage for one particular type of item, but we AC horders will take whatever storage space we can get.

Read the rest here.

7 Things You Never Knew About Your Animal Crossing Town


Written on 4:28 PM by Chris

Animal Crossing - the most harmless series ever created. Or so you thought...

Animal Crossing invites you into the quiet, tranquil life of a quaint little village, complete with it's own shop, tailors, museum and town hall. The only sounds to diturb you are the buzz of the bees and the trickle of the local river.

But look again - peel back this thin sharade and you'll find a veritable den of thieves, schemes and all-round nasty fellows...

Read more here.

Iwata Asks: Animal Crossing


Written on 4:22 PM by Chris

Nintendo has an awesome interview with some of the developers of City Folk on their website, and the interviewer is none other than Iwata. It's a great read, so read more here.

I think that's because NOA (Nintendo of America) were well aware that the sheer volume of text in Animal Crossing meant it was going to be no ordinary title. (laughs) So they needed to make sure they were prepared by getting the localization structures established well ahead of time. Okay, let's go back to the start of the project. With the team decided and work set to start on the Wii version, did you find there were aspects of the DS version which you felt obliged to carry over, or which somehow acted as obstacles?

Naturally, there were issues like that. But we decided to put the previous title out of our minds for the time being, and start work on the next one afresh. After all, Animal Crossing was originally a title that you could enjoy fully even when playing the game on your own.