Iwata Asks: Animal Crossing


Written on 4:22 PM by Chris

Nintendo has an awesome interview with some of the developers of City Folk on their website, and the interviewer is none other than Iwata. It's a great read, so read more here.

I think that's because NOA (Nintendo of America) were well aware that the sheer volume of text in Animal Crossing meant it was going to be no ordinary title. (laughs) So they needed to make sure they were prepared by getting the localization structures established well ahead of time. Okay, let's go back to the start of the project. With the team decided and work set to start on the Wii version, did you find there were aspects of the DS version which you felt obliged to carry over, or which somehow acted as obstacles?

Naturally, there were issues like that. But we decided to put the previous title out of our minds for the time being, and start work on the next one afresh. After all, Animal Crossing was originally a title that you could enjoy fully even when playing the game on your own.

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