Nintendo Power Gives City Folk Details


Written on 3:59 PM by Chris

The latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine in the USA has an interview with the creator of the latest Animal Crossing game to hit the Wii. In the interview, there's a couple of snippets of new info.

- City area does not show players that are online.
- Auction house lets you bid on items posted by other users.
- Happy Room Academy shows rooms from houses that are decorated especially well.
- The city "is a place for people who you have registered as Wii Friends."
- DS to Wii linkup: "you can actually take your travel data and download it to your DS."
- Take photos, transfer them to SD, email, or Wii friends.
- Jingle the Reindeer is back for Toy Day.
- Zipper T. Bunny is a new character for Bunny Day.
- DLC: "We're thinking of a service where you download new furniture, new wallpaper designs… that sort of thing."
- All free.
- No mention on more motion controls.
- Once again, Wii Speak is not bundled with the game.
So there is some interesting facts mentioned there. I'll probably have some scans up in the next couple of days.

[via GoNintendo and Aeropause]

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