August 2008 Update


Written on 12:04 PM by Chris

Alright, this is the first of the monthly updates that I will be posting that has info relating to this fabulous new site that I've created.

First off, I'd like to say how impressed I am that this site is actually getting bigger every day. I'm getting better traffic than most of the other sites I've been involved with have ever gotten. Some of the comments are from people who say that this is the site where they get their AC news. And that's fantastic, because that was my purpose in making this site.

So, let's keep the growth going! I want to see more comments on the posts, let's see what you guys think of the news. Tell your friends about the site, put links in the comments of other websites, get some stories on Digg (integration coming soon). Let's make this site the number one place for people to get Animal Crossing news.

Also, on the side bar, you'll notice a "Submit News" link. If you find anything relating to Animal Crossing, be sure to send it my way. Help me do my job.

Also, you'll also see links to ACFriends forum, be sure to visit there to get all your discussion needs. And be sure to listen to the ACFriends podcast, especially the latest episode where hosts Gemini and Phoenix have plenty to discuss about the latest Animal Crossing announcements for the Wii.

So yeah, that's it. I'll keep reporting, you keep reading and posting some comments. Let's make the Animal Crossing Observer the biggest thing in video-game news since sliced bread.

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