New City Folk Footage


Written on 2:54 PM by Chris

The website for the Official Nintendo magazine from the UK has some new footage of the newest Animal Crossing game. The first video has nothing really new that hasn't been in the older AC games, but still shows the upgraded graphics and the return of many beloved features. It demonstrates fishing and then selling to Nook.

The second video, while shorter, is much more interesting. It shows how to get to the city from your town. It seems that instead of a train station, there is now a bus stop, where Kapp'n will come and pick you up in his yellow bus.

Anyways, check out these videos here. And be sure to pick up the latest issue if you like in the UK, where we are promised that they have "got a huge eight page feature and an interview with Katsuya Eguchi (the game's producer) in the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine".

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