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Written on 10:15 AM by Chris

This is taken from a thread on 4chan, and the author has used the screenshots and videos to learn more about the newest Animal Crossing to grace the Wii.

  • Good holidays are back, including Christmas, Halloween, etc.
  • Multiplayer is easier, allows microphone (and apparently, a USB keyboard).
  • Visit people's towns even when they're not playing.
  • You can directly mail and send items to friends in other villages without having to visit them.
  • Take a bus, driven by Kapp'n, to the new city area with fashion boutique (owned by Gracie and employing a new Able Sister), auction house, salon, theater, Happy Room Academy, and more.
  • Pointer controls and vastly improved user interface including features like a quick-switch for items without having to go into inventory.
  • Animals are no longer stuck inside when you have friends visiting, they'll now wander outside freely.
  • All four players can be in a house at once, and you can move furniture even when you have people visiting in your house.
  • New giant furniture pieces -- a wrestling mat about 5x5 squares was demonstrated.
  • Much higher texture res, faces are no longer blurry masses.
  • Camera can be zoomed in and out even while outdoors, and you can switch between ACGC and WW camera styles.
  • Camera icon may imply screenshots/photography feature.
  • Varied topography, ACGC cliffs are back.
  • Fish are in 3D.
  • Improved animations, details, effects, etc. Less immediate but still noticeable visual changes. Characters animate more fluidly, ears bounce on villagers as they move, other small touches.
  • More furniture, items, villagers, conversations, etc., more of all the basics.

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