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Written on 4:09 PM by Chris

Here's some details on the game taken from the screenshots and movie shown at E3.

Using the video from the E3 conference, I will try to give some more discussed details.

  • Ax is another returning tool, along with shovel
  • Custom clothes available during holidays
  • Options to talk and other things like that come from a toolbar that pops up from the bottom of the screen
  • Camera is a new option, probably used to take screenshots and send to friends.
  • Capp'n can take you to the city in a bright yellow bus
  • Happy Room Academy is back, and you can compare with friends in the city with Lyle, who seems to be into less shady work
  • Harriet can make you look like your Mii
  • Town hall hasn't changed, but you can send messages to other players and attach pictures to towns or Wii messageboards, even cellphones and computers
  • Wii Speak allows rooms of players to talk to other people, Nintendo's version of voice chat (more social)
  • Fishing is back!

Using the screenshots provided, I will try to give all the details that weren't discussed.
  • Gamecube style of going screen-to-screen is gone, now it more like the DS version of a smooth, round world.
  • Fishing is back!
  • Shell collecting is back!
  • Old furniture from the other game make an appearance in this version too, along with sets.
  • Fish collecting and fossil collecting is back!
  • Capp'n drives a bus, what happened to the cab?
  • Flags are used, don't know if they are customizable yet.
  • Make your own constellation with the stars is back!
  • Visiting the city/other towns still done by going through the gate.
  • Flowers are back, probably hybrids and stuff like that, watering can is back.
  • Floating presents on balloons is back, so slingshot will probably be another tool.

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  1. Anonymous |

    That sounds awesome, but I think you made a mistake. You said that the watering can is a new tool, and it's not. It appeared in Wild World first. Anyways, thanks for sharing all this info! This is where I come to get all my AC news.


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