DS Compatibility With AC City Folk


Written on 1:21 PM by Chris

The guys over at CrispyGamer have written up some of their impressions of Animal Crossing City Folk. They, along with tons of other bloggers, got to spend some time with the game at E3 in LA. Here are some of the more interesting points.

If you were addicted to Animal Crossing: Wild World, you can transfer your character over to City Folk. Sadly, your items and bells (money) will not transfer, so once again you'll have to pay off Tom Nook to keep getting better housing.

While digging for treasures, bug collecting, and fishing are some of the normal tasks in Animal Crossing, it's surprising that Nintendo has decided to forgo using motion controls. Have they forgotten that this is on the Wii? C'mon guys, we know this is a glorified port, but put a little more effort into it. Geez.

Hmm... interesting... Anyways, you can read more here.

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