Details From ONM UK Released


Written on 3:33 PM by Chris

The Official Nintendo magazine from the UK promised a large story on Animal Crossing City Folk in the next issue of their magazine. The issue is set to launch tomorrow, but already some details are being released

“We’re always sharing information with the hardware group and all the teams within Nintendo so we can keep track of things. But in this case we were talking and they told me that they had this microphone in development and I said, ‘Really, that would work well with Animal Crossing."
“Yeah, it’s near the shoe-shine guy. It’s just a boarded up door, I’m afraid – there’s actually nothing there. However, there are other areas that haven’t been revealed yet!”

These quotes are all from Katsuya Eguchi, the lead producer of Animal Crossing for the Wii. More details should come to light soon.

[via GoNintendo]

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