AC Wii Details Pre E3


Written on 9:37 AM by Chris

E3 is soon, but some details on the elusive Animal Crossing for the Wii are slowly leaking out. All these details come from the latest issue of NGamer in Europe.

  • Not an MMO
  • Heavy use of the Wifi connection
  • Been done for a while
So it looks like we might see that 2008 release date. I'm a bit upset that it's not an MMO, and we will probably be seeing the return of friend-codes. Wait for E3 to see more details.

Also, we previously reported on how a ONM editor wrote about seeing Animal Crossing at E3. Well, that blog has been edited so that it doesn't confirm it, only speculates. So I guess we'll see...

[via N-Europe and GoNintendo]

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  1. Anonymous |

    I'm very thankful that someone has finally taken the time to give us people all the availble information on Animal Crossing Wii. I can't wait till this game comes out, I sware, I will do EVERYTHING to get a copy as soon as it's possible! I'm not sure if this blog was created by one person or a group, but I thank whoever spent their time putting this together.

    I thank you from the heart of my bottom, er, I mean bottom of my heart, ;)



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